About Me

September 2, 2020

Economist and an entrepreneur with more than 10 years  of experience acquiring, operating and promoting different global franchises; besides being well-known in the Venezuelan and Miami business development area. I specialize in finding the right opportunity for you including all the necessary steps in the process, having as a main goal the construction of wealth and building the right portfolio.

I developed different strategies as the  director  of marketing and operations in  Burger King  Venezuela and because of that, I have built a vast experience in real estate and business acquisitions. In Miami, I partnered with different professionals from mortgage brokers, banks, tittle companies, general contractors, and lawyers to make your experience even more satisfying and complete.  My main goal is not only to get you the right properties, but to create a strong longterm relationship.

For me, getting involve in every step of the process is crucial and your satisfaction and growth are my north. My business background is going to guarantee that you get the most out of your resources.